The One Year MBA


Soukarya Som
IIM Ahmedabad PGPX (2024)

Bhawna’s knowledge and expertise be it helping with the essays or with the interview preparation was truly impactful for me. Her focussed feedback helped me a lot to prepare for my IIM A interview and clear it. I want to sincerly thank her for all all the support and guidance over the last month that helped me to get into the IIM A PGPX program.

Kasyap Kompella

When I was on the lookout for IIMA interview preparation services, I fundamentally needed someone who could trust me throughout the process and provide candid feedback. Bhawna just did that. An IIMA alumnus, Bhawna had a deep and expert understanding of the school and the qualities they look for in the applicants.
Regardless of the application outcome, one counselling call with Bhawna makes you feel more worthy than you think you are, and that according to me is job half done. I truly and completely recommend Bhawna for B-School consulting. Wishing her all the very best. Onwards and Upwards!!

Dhruv Mehtani
ISB PGP(2024)

It was a pleasure working with Bhawna for my ISB admission process. We covered all aspects of my profile during interview prep and the level of mocks was definitely harder than real Interviews. she asked me a lot of tough questions during my interview and helped me structure answers better.

Her feedbacks were detailed and meaningful.

Finally have made it to ISB and can’t appreciate her enough.

Thank you Bhawna.

Alexis D’souza
IIM Ahmedabad PGPX (2024)

I reached out to Bhawna for advice on my MBA journey sometime in September 2022. While I had approached multiple consultants, the advice Bhawna gave me was assuring yet critical and honest. It changed my whole perspective on GMAT, applications, recommendations and most importantly the interview process. As honest as I can be, I went ahead to avail Bhawna’s services because she looked at me as an individual – understanding my strengths and weaknesses and not just another candidate. I loved her tailor-made advice and approach to my entire application. She added life to my SOP’s & essays and nudged me to think differently through the process. She also helped me build a strong CV, something I had not done for the last 8 years. Bhawna had a huge role to play in me securing 6 admits out of 7 applications to B-schools.

I am extremely grateful to Bhawna for her guidance to make it to India’s top B-school – IIM A. I certainly believe that my interview had a large part to play in the admit. The rigorous training on the interviews that I received from Bhawna was very well structured and focused on highlighting my strengths and passion. She provided honest written feedback after every mock interview and also worked with me closely to improve my weak areas. She was always available not only to help me prepare but also to calm my anxiety. Bhawna has very strong time management skills and I hope to learn that from her too!

I highly recommend Bhawna’s venture – “TheOneYearMBA” to anyone looking to take the academic plunge and also to anyone seeking career advice. The best part is – you can reach out to her at any stage of your MBA journey and she will curate solutions and growth plans for you. Kudos to you Bhawna!

Mohit Gupta
IIM Lucknow (IPMX 2024)

When I connected with Bhawna through a reference of my friend, I had already given interviews for some B-School courses but was not prepared enough. During discussion, the first thing I sensed was that she truly desires to help MBA aspirants. The paramount expectation from a mentor is to provide a safe platform to build trust and respect and I found Bhawna acing it. I found Bhawna structured in terms of her approach to understand the status of the applicant and then provide him with relevant preparation guidance and material. Her guidance in the ice breaking session was enlightening to bring myself out while answering the questions. Most importantly her unique way of making a participant record his session or mock first then listen to it before going through the descriptive written feedback shared helped me absorb the feedback constructively. Having deep insights of MBA admission processes, Bhawna was always reachable and dedicated towards preparing to give my best at the interviews.
I strongly recommend any one year MBA aspirant to reach out to Bhawna for the Admission process preparations 

Rohit Raina
IIM Ahmedabad PGPX

I worked closely with Bhawna while preparing for an MBA interview for IIMA PGPX and ISB. She conducted a couple of mock interviews with me and was able to highlight my shortcomings and also my strengths. I was able to bridge the gaps and improve my performance in the subsequent mock interviews.
She is brutally honest with her feedback, and the written feedbacks were constructive for me to realize my strengths and weaknesses. I found her highly structured, and she completely understands the process. I was able to make it to both schools, and I recommend her to anyone who is preparing for top MBA programs

Aayush Baid
IIM Ahmedabad PGPX (2024)

Talking to Bhawna was really helpful and insightful. It helped me get clarity in a lot of aspects!

Anirudh Rapole
IIM Ahmedabad PGPX (2024)

I reached out to Bhawna for guidance in MBA applications. Her approach of patiently understanding my profile & her insights on tailoring my application based on her knowledge of B-school made a big difference in my submissions

Anurag Saboo
IIM Ahmedabad PGPX (2023)

Bhawna is an excellent mentor, in that she has given me real and grounded insights and actionable advice, and also answered every question I had.

Gautam Sharad
IIM Bangalore EPGP (2023)

Bhawna is an excellent mentor. Her capability to point out areas for improvement is outstanding. Her insights bring a lot of value to the table. She is candid, pragmatic and speaks to the point.

Rishi Patel

I reached out to Bhawna for guidance in MBA applications. Her approach of patiently understanding my profile & her insights on tailoring my application based on her knowledge of B-school made a big difference in my submissions

Ritesh Chandak
Career Mentoring

Bhawna is approachable & candid. Her insights throw fresh perspectives which I think adds a lot of value to discussions.

Shaili Shah
Career Mentoring

I approached Bhawna for providing me guidance for one year MBA program. She was extremely approachable and helped me with every nuance. She also helped me gain a much needed perspective by imparting both her researched knowledge along with her own experience. It was great connecting with her.

Kshitij Dutt M
Career Mentoring

Bhawna helped me introspect certain aspect of my personality that I deemed unimportant. She also made me realise that the points I deemed important are somewhat cliched and common. It’s no wonder that Bhawna made it to all the top B Schools in India, yet it is her humility that is the most appealing. Look forward to working with you soon

Sasidhar Devulapalli
Career Mentoring

Congratulations on founding The One Year MBA .. Thanks so much for your guidance and appreciate your efforts for taking time to help others in pursuing their dreams.. Keep up the good work! All the best!!

Livya Somanna
Career Mentoring

I seeked Bhawna’s mentorship, when I was struggling to decide on the career options available and was having self doubts. Bhawna is an apt listen, understood my concerns and guided me through. The counselling session helped me to resolve my dilemmas and narrow my focus.

Ishaan Jeloka
Career Mentoring

I spoke to Bhawna to seek guidance on higher education. She was extremely helpful and took the time out to understand my requirements before sharing her suggestions. She was very approachable and spoke with clarity of thought. It was great speaking to her.

Arjun Gupta
Career Mentoring

She is one of the most genuine and helpful mentors. She will guide, motivate and push you to achieve the best possible scenario.

Avni Chand
Career Mentoring

Bhawna has a very clear understanding of the entire admissions process, which definitely helps one clarify their doubts while identifying the things one must prioritize.
I am so glad I reached out to you as I definitely got the direction of thought and action that I was seeking 🙂
Thank you!!

Neil Parekh
Career Mentoring

Reached out to Bhawna seeking clarity on MBA programmes and career transitions. Her patience to understand my background and career aspirations before she could explain the various options made me feel more confident. Bhawna’s candour and honesty helped me set some tangible goals to work towards.